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Celine Gaurier-Joubert

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Celine Gaurier-Joubert is one of the world’s most renowned adult piano pedagogue. Her experience, as well as knowledge of the piano, is of a supreme class not often encountered in today’s “want-it-all-want-it-now” fast world.

She is dedicated to adult piano education, and firmly believes that all adults have a tremendous ear for music, and can learn how to play the piano successfully!

This is what Celine herself has to say about adults learning the piano:

Perhaps in no other field has there been so many misunderstandings and misconceptions about learning as in the field of piano. Most adults believe they are tone deaf and as a consequence, just can’t learn how to play. It has been my experience that undoubtedly anybody can learn how to play the piano if they are willing to apply themselves. The recipe for learning how to play the piano successful as an adult is first and foremost expert piano education, secondly exceptional motivation (usually coming from the teacher) and a set practice schedule. (even if one can manage only a few hours each week)

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