The crazy notion of being "too old" to learn how to play the piano!



I often hear adults saying that they should perhaps not take piano lessons as they are too old, and I am wondering why people have such an idea in mind.

To give you an example, I have, myself, played golf when I was younger. I haven’t played for a while, and I often think about taking lessons again. It never came into my mind that I am too old to learn again and enjoy myself! I do not wish to become the next Tiger Wood, but just relax and enjoy myself at weekends. Also, I do not think that people who are making such a comment about taking piano lessons would have the same idea when it comes to playing golf or tennis. They might then not see a problem at all, and it might probably the same with cooking or any other hobby.
I have taught hundred of adults who play the piano for their own pleasure, and I have never met somebody who was “too old” to start learning. To be honest, adults learn faster than children and understand much better what piano playing is all about.
Please, do not give up your dream of playing the piano if you think that you are too old to start, as it is a wrong idea, and you would anyway be older if you finally decide to start the year after!
I specialise in teaching adults, and I would be delighted to see you at The London Piano Institute soon:

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